Thursday, October 29, 2015

Training with conditioning now

I have started Powerlifting training using Rippletoe's program with weight lifting bar.  I am just a novice.  Age is a factor and excessive volumes are not recommended.  Once attaining heavier training I may have two sessions per week, depends upon how the joints and muscles recover from workouts.

Having more days for other exercise, I am repeating the couch to 5K training program.  This hopefully will work well.  Other alternatives are Healthplex gym using the cardio equipment, especially the rowing machine and elliptical.  The synergy and yoga classes are good for stretching.  Maybe I can work swimming laps in the indoor pool.

I did manage to finish the nighttime Ocean Springs %k rotary club fun run starting near the Mary C center.  I enjoyed the scenery and many wore costumes.  Afterwards there was BBQ sandwiches and beer, tea or lemonade.  Time was slow, but heart rate stayed between 150 to 160 for the 3.1 mile jog.

Looking forward to another 5k this fall nearby.