Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter is rest day

Today is rest day, but will walk the dog this afternoon.  Weather is nice a little cool early this AM.

After Easter I plan on resuming my yoga teaching at the Community Center.  I purchased a new mat with mat towel that has grips on bottom.  Manduka is the brand.  Mat is same thick black one that I love.

There was a small group that missed the practice and they say on Facebook that they look forward to yoga and need it much.

I am hoping attendance is more regular that previously.

I am introducing a prep program with joint freeing exercises prior to the asanas.  Community yoga has many that are just not willing to do the more intense Ashtanga.

As students improve, I will introduce the SS-A and B then the standing poses; this plan will be modified to suit level of class.

It will be fun and healthy exercise, too.

Although many say that Ashtanga yoga is all one needs, I have found that adding resistance training using bar bell weights is a welcome addition for full body healthy.  The two are good together.

Again have a Happy Easter for those that read this blog.

I do not have many followers, but writing about my life is healthy too.


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