Wednesday, December 23, 2015

1/2 primary series AY

Worked out at Healthplex doing warm up then row, walk, stretch, aux. weight lifting one arm 35# pull x10x3, Lat pull same 100#' leg press 100x10x3, stretch then Ashtanga Yoga 1/2 series per David Swenson.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bench, Squat and Deadlift

starting over with B,S, D.  30 minutes of these lifts,  lots of sets and reps and determine 1 RM for comparison…..100, 100, 135.

Exercised on Day Off

I attended senior class tone and fit at Healthplex.  Starting off with too much weight, I downsized for the reps were very high and with leverage.

It was a good class with lots of movement for the joints and with hand weights.  Some was in chair or using it for balance.  Despite more exercise this week, I gained a few pounds.  I must quit the snacks in the evening and watching too much television.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

SRHP workout of the day

Monday's cross fit style workout  at SRHP included warm up with pvc pipe, jumping jacks, etc.
Next was dead lifts reaching 210 #, unable to lift.

After a short rest, the WOD continued with 3 rounds:
10 burpees, kettlebell at 25# x10, and air squats x 10.

rested onto pull ups with bounce x10x3.


Friday, December 11, 2015

Starting Strength workout

warmed up.

Squat 110x5x3
Bench Press 100x5x3
Press 70x5x3

pull ups with green band 10x3


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ashtanga yoga half primary

Swenson made updated video for Ashtanga yoga home practice.  Best part is the modified versions reducing damage to knees..  Half primary is 68 minutes, and the opening and closing a prayers may be deleted.

Breath is emphasized and first practice using DVDs was a challenge using more laid back mods..

Excellent dvd's for half and full versions.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Power Lifting

Monday morning at HPlex

warm up Lat pull down 75#x 10, straight leg pull 70#x10, dumb bell squat 30#x 10, one arm pull 30#x10 each side.

Bench, Squat, DL 85#

3x plank holds

Foam roller, stretching.

PM C25K training 31 minutes.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

C25K Training

trained indoors on treadmill.  week 4 day 3.

Took a while for toe mounds to loosen up, maybe the dead lifts caused tightness there?

Powerlifting Dead Lift

Learned dead lift from legendary power lifter.

Went up to 185# 3 sets 3 reps.

Class with two others and lasted about 90 minutes.

Afterwards did lat pull 80x10x3, chest pull same, one arm chest lift 30x10x3 on cable machine and bench.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Training with conditioning now

I have started Powerlifting training using Rippletoe's program with weight lifting bar.  I am just a novice.  Age is a factor and excessive volumes are not recommended.  Once attaining heavier training I may have two sessions per week, depends upon how the joints and muscles recover from workouts.

Having more days for other exercise, I am repeating the couch to 5K training program.  This hopefully will work well.  Other alternatives are Healthplex gym using the cardio equipment, especially the rowing machine and elliptical.  The synergy and yoga classes are good for stretching.  Maybe I can work swimming laps in the indoor pool.

I did manage to finish the nighttime Ocean Springs %k rotary club fun run starting near the Mary C center.  I enjoyed the scenery and many wore costumes.  Afterwards there was BBQ sandwiches and beer, tea or lemonade.  Time was slow, but heart rate stayed between 150 to 160 for the 3.1 mile jog.

Looking forward to another 5k this fall nearby.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

C25K training

Hanging in there making week 3 day 1 yesterday on the jogging track with group from HPlex.  The number for this group has decreased to 5 dedicated joggers.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New Challenge/Training

Goruck Light Challenge completed July 18, 2015.

currently training for 5K, C25K program started July 20 with group interested in fitness and health.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Yoga combined with Rucking, Crossfit Endurance training

Adding GoRuck training to my schedule, by combining Crossfit with endurance running and rucking with 30# backpack (Ruck).

The running consists of developing a running technique from Crossfit Endurance using lower heel shoes and maintaining proper form using toe strike with soft heel landing while bringing the heel towards buttocks quickly.  Also incorporate cycling after intervals; 6-8 200 meter runs with 2 minute rest between, then after a brisk bike ride for a few miles.

Midday I loosen up with a yoga class.

PM exercise is crossfit.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter is rest day

Today is rest day, but will walk the dog this afternoon.  Weather is nice a little cool early this AM.

After Easter I plan on resuming my yoga teaching at the Community Center.  I purchased a new mat with mat towel that has grips on bottom.  Manduka is the brand.  Mat is same thick black one that I love.

There was a small group that missed the practice and they say on Facebook that they look forward to yoga and need it much.

I am hoping attendance is more regular that previously.

I am introducing a prep program with joint freeing exercises prior to the asanas.  Community yoga has many that are just not willing to do the more intense Ashtanga.

As students improve, I will introduce the SS-A and B then the standing poses; this plan will be modified to suit level of class.

It will be fun and healthy exercise, too.

Although many say that Ashtanga yoga is all one needs, I have found that adding resistance training using bar bell weights is a welcome addition for full body healthy.  The two are good together.

Again have a Happy Easter for those that read this blog.

I do not have many followers, but writing about my life is healthy too.