Friday, December 14, 2012

Plow Pose

Academy of Sports Medicine says Plow Pose is another yoga asana that could cause injury to the neck and spine saying that undo stress is placed upon the neck vertevrae. NASM ignores yoga instructions for this pose which yoga teachers say that weight is supported by shoulders not the C-5 of neck vertebrae.  This is an inversion which encourages blood flow to the head and encourages movement of body fluids.

The more I study NASM and their negative comments about yoga asanas I begin to question their intentions.  I have noticed most physical trainers have negative attitude about yoga and do often say negative things of this sacred practice that has existed for centuries.  The CPTs often have yoga versions developed by physical trainers in their gyms for group classes.  Having attended these I do notice that instructions and cues are not the same as yoga certified teachers, and I often see positions and sequences that are harmful and encourage muscle imbalances.  I think NASM should focus more time on their teachers and not claim yoga poses are dangerous.

There are fitness trainers that recognize yoga benefits and include them in their DVDs; e.g. Tony Horton of beachbody.  He attends traditional yoga classes and often has his yoga teacher on the yoga dvds.

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