Monday, April 9, 2012


Chest and Back
Power Yoga at gym class with group
Lunch of Easter Leftovers, ham, sweet potatoes, broccoli, peas, pineapple, and carrot cake.
Rest then in the afternoon

Warm Up March, run, jumping Jacks, Run Lunges with alternate arm raises, Side to side head rolls, expand contract chest back shoulder stretch, topas should stretch, standing side stretch, arm circles
Ballistic stretches of huggers, swimmers, reachers should triceps combo stretch neck stretch
Chest and Back
Round 1
  • 1. Standard Push-ups
  • 2. Wide Front Pull-ups
  • 3. Military Push-ups
  • 4. Reverse Grip Chin-ups  BREAK for water
  • 5. Wide Fly Push-Ups
  • 6. Closed Grip Overhand Pull-ups
  • 7. Decline Push-ups
  • 8. Heavy Pants   BREAK for water STIRRers
  • 9. Diamond Push-ups
  • 10. Lawnmower
  • 11. Dive Bomber
  • 12. Push-ups
  • 13. Back Fly's

Round 2 repeat 2,1  4,3  6,5  8,7  10,9  12, 11  13
then cool down Ballistic Stretches
Shakers, Huggers, swimmers, standing side stretch, wide feet forward hamstring stretch, cat stretch, child's pose.

Legs and Back

Chair Lunges
One leg on chair. Switch Legs 15 Reps

Calf-Raise Squat
squat with Toe Raise w/ Weight. 15 Reps

Reverse Grip Chin Ups
Palms toward you.

Super Skaters
25 reps each side

Wide Front Pull Ups

Step Back Lunges
Alternate legs, 15 total reps between both legs

Side Step Lunges
Legs together, step left, back to middle, step right. with Weight, 25 total reps

Close Grip Overhand Pull Ups
palms away from you.

Wall Squats
Back against wall, legs together, sit down until legs 90 degrees to floor. Raise up and down alternatively every 10 seconds for 1 minute.

Dead Lift Squats
No weight, touch floor leg squat flat back.

Switch Grip Pull-up
Ballistic Stretch
three way lunger with two kick option
sneaky lunge
reverse grip chin up
Chair Salutations
Toe roll iso lunge
Wide Front Pull Up
Groucho Walk
Calf Raises
Closed Grip overhand pull up
80/20 siebers-speed squat
switch grip pull up

Cool down and stretch

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