Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday morning Workout

Yoga/Intermediate workout with pull up bar and weights

Warm up Ashtanga Yoga SS-A and SS-B.

Scooby's intermediate workout:

BodypartExerciseNumber setsNumber repsTempo
abscrunches38-301s up 1s dn
latspullups38-152s up 2s dn
latsdumbbell rows38-152s up 2s dn
chestpushups38-152s up 2s dn
chestdumbbell flys38-152s up 2s dn
legslunges38-15 (each leg)
bicepsbarbell curls38-152s up 2s dn
tricepsdumbbell french press38-152s up 2s dn
shouldersalternating dumbbell press38-152s up 2s dn
shouldersside raise38-152s up 2s dn
Weights: 60 minutes & Cardio: 20 minutes - jog, brisk walk or bike

Then cool down and stretching.

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