Friday, December 30, 2011

Training for the backpacking trip

This morning with pack 3/4 full of planned essentials for the Appalachian Trail, I hiked the neighborhood circle with hiking  boots, bluejeans and t-shirt.  Pace was 24 minutes per mile, a good pace for the AT.  Only one mile this first hike, planning to increase distance gradually as well as weight.  Walking fast pace with backpack will get you into shape and lose those unwanted pounds of body fat.
More training days will include use of lighter weight running/hiking shoes, long sleeve shirts, shorts, trousers, hiking stick or staff, various weights adding more dehydrated foods and more water bottles.

From BSA essentials and Pathfinder LLC 10 C's for survivability, my Kelty includes:

1.  Cutting tool ( Survival carbon steel knife w/sheath)
2.  Combustion (Fire starter striker)
3.  Cover (tarp)/clothing
4.  Container - A way to carry, store and boil water for purification.
                        Also for carrying food, cooking, etc.
5.  Cordage (parachute cord and bankline)
6.  Cargo (Kelty backpack)
7.  Compass with mirror
8.  Candling (flash light)
9.  Cotton cloth/bandana

10. Combination tool /Duct Tape

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