Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kripalu Vigorous Vinyasa Flow in warm room

Kripalu style Vigorous Vinyasa Flow practice today for 90 minutes.  (temp set at 78 Deg F)

When students show up  for morning practice saying they have stiff body, what questions does the teacher ask?
 Did you do the following prior to class?

1.  Early morning shower in warm water?
2.  Stomach Kriyas (churn abs)?
3.  Drink cup(s) of warm water?
4.   A few Sun Salutations to remove the fuzz (fatty tissue) in shoulder and back muscles?
5.  Lie on back and do some exercises to warm up the spine?
6.  Keep empty (no solid food) stomach until after yoga practice?

Usually, a stiff body person awakens and drives to the studio for a practice, maybe they brush the teeth and drink some coffee.  Some even eat breakfast?

Sulfur tablets and green veggies help keep bendy body.  And a yoga practice holding each asana pose for at least 3-5 minutes does wonders, inhaling thru nose and exhaling thru open mouth.

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  1. Sometimes, due to being age 62, I do need more warm up than most yoga students.