Monday, April 4, 2011

Yoga Cross Training

Monday Bikram Hot Yoga.  It was truly hot, maybe 105 deg F 40% relative humidity while doing 26 poses.  Breathing is not same and pranayama different, too.  Getting into some poses drastically different.  Move slowly but poses held not very long.  Lots of standing poses while being careful not to pass out from heat.  Some people actually do faint during Bikram Hot Yoga.   Eyes open in sivasana with feet together palms up near hips, except final corpse like normal.

A couple of poses were challenging for I did not do them the way Bikram is.  Very different from Hatha yoga and instructor will not allow any deviation in how the poses are done.  The teacher is on platform, not doing the asanas, but watching and talking the whole time giving verbal instruction with no adjustments.

After a few minutes sweat begins to fall and irritate the eyes when going into sivasana between some of the poses.  Eyes must be open.  Unusual that the instructor says bend or stretch until it hurts.

No chants or spiritual experience during this practice, just hot as hades.  The room was clean, but smelled like a dry sauna.  The carpet reeked of sweat smell. 

Tuesday   Morning class for 60 minutes at Moss Point Community Center Sivananda Style with 4 students, one from Texas visiting relatives, who is now regular Iyengar student at a studio in Texas.

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