Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ashtanga/gravity yoga hybrid

Friday:  Today's practice included traditional Ashtanga Yoga minimum for warm up, then onto several gravity poses each held for 3-5 minutes all taking 55 minutes of time.  Early morning was Speed and Agility of Insanity The Asylum DVD by Shaun T from Beach Body.

Saturday turned into Rest day for Yoga (ashtanga traditional day off) and later in the afternoon I pushed play for Insanity the Asylum DVD Plyometrics.  challenging for me favoring right knee and taking it slow on that side.  Lots of sweat, jumps improving using the ladder for half length.

Sunday: AM Ashtanga Yoga Full Primary Mysore at home.  then in the afternoon Insanity the Asylum Strength. 

Monday:  AM taught Ashtanga Yoga class at Shanti Yoga.  Then short Ashtanga at home going gravity poses afterwards for about 45 minutes.  then cycle for 16 minutes on stationary bike.

Tuesday:  Yoga Rest day for Ashtanga.  AM workout Back to Core Insanity the Asylum.  Maybe yoga tone class this afternoon..... 

Wednesday:  Insanity the Asylum 45 minutes speed and agility, then later yoga for 80 minutes. 

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