Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ashtanga Yoga AM class then Asylum Fitness Test Day 1

Morning Ashtanga yoga class this morning at Moss Point Community Center with one student in attendance who is Aerobics/Pilates instructor so the class was more vigorous than usual.
 Fitness Test day one Asylum:
6 agility heisman, 20 in/out,20- 1/4 lat pull ups/20 lat push ups, 51 mountain climber sw kicks, 4 agility shoulder taps, 37 x jumps, 4 moving push ups, 9 ag lat shuffle, 5 agility bear crawls.
Measurements:  17% body fat, chest 40 inches, arm 14 inches, waist 34 inches, hips 40 inches, thigh 22 inches, weight 178
Day 1 for Asylum monitoring progress from beginning then 15 days and finally every 30 days.


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