Thursday, February 3, 2011

Moss Point Riverfront Community Center

One student only today and she showed up 15 minutes late, lucky I stayed doing pranayama, then inversions.

We did more pranayama and meditation for 15 minutes, then Ashtanga Yoga SS-A, B, and 1/2 of the standing poses and only two poses of Primary, two of finishing poses and final savasana, taking about 45 minutes total time.

She is recovering from an injured wrist from a falling accident at home working in the garden, so we did not jump back much or do arm balances.

The heat was on, but concrete floor remained cold from the hard freeze and very cold rain mixed with sleet.  Clouds were dark outside, not seeing the sun.  a dreary day in Moss Point on the Riverfront.

Evening class went well starting early and completing the Half Primary Series and finishing poses.  Even with heat on the concrete floor was cold, but we did build body heat and had a good practice.

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