Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yogan Body Builder Practice continues

This AM Ashtanga yoga class first for the new year at Moss Point Riverfront Community Center met in the Senior Citizens Room rather than the activities larger room and the room seemed crowded.

we started with D williams warm ups, then SS-A, corpse pose, SS-Bs then corpse pose, the standing poses, corpse for 8 breaths, then into 2nd series with jump backs and thrus, reaching camel, then bridge, wheel,  forward fold, shoulder stand, dolphin and final 3 finishing poses and finally corpse pose.

Certainly a change for the   new year, but I have read from those going to Mysore that Saraswati mostly  has her classes do the intermediate series.  All class students are women, so this makes sense.

Even though more corpse poses the class sweated more than usual.  So it  was good.

As you know I practice yoga and work on P90x, chin up challenges, push up challenges, and work out in a Pro Health fitness center with dumb bells and weight machines.  After reading a popular Ashtanga blog and reading some authorities on Hatha yoga practice and history,  I now consider my Ashtanga practice and the other exercises I do as Yogan Body Builder routines.

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