Monday, January 10, 2011

Ashtanga yoga workshop

workshop with Keno Macgregor at Balance Yoga and Wellness Saturday and Sunday certainly is an experience I will never forget;  and as always learning new things helping the Ashtanga Yoga Practice.  The workshop included 9.5 hours of informative techniques, chanting, and opportunities to participate in a well taught/led Primary Series Saturday, including much appreciated adjustments.  This was the most enjoyable led class I have participated in.  Then the afternoon class on inversions and developing core strength, especially in plank position, forward folds and how to prepare for going into headstand or handstand.  That evening was chanting, and a demonstration by Keno Macgregor of the lst, 2nd and 3rd series.  So many techniques used that I have not been doing in my practice were evident.  I noticed that she really engaged the uddiyana bandha pulling the stomach in when she worked into challenging asanas, and the breath was loud and long, equally spaced with exhale and inhale with a pause at the end of each.

next day was mysore class with lots of new people showing up that normally attend Jessica Blanchard's Sunday morning Mysore Class.  I did the Primary Series, however many in the class of regulars of Balance Yoga and Wellness practiced 2nd Series and Keno moved about the class giving adjustments so well, assisting rather than making corrections.  I finished after 70 minutes, took 5 minutes of Savasana and left as the first one finishing for I wanted to have the Bed and Breakfast Brunch which closed at 10:00 AM.  AFter breakfasting, showering and taking a rest, I attended the final two hour class on preventing injury in Ashtanga Yoga practice.  I am nursing some tendinitis of the right sitbone and really appreciated the knowledge passed on to us from such a gifted yoga teacher who loved talking about Ashtanga Yoga.  Such a nice young lady.  I must admit after these 9.5 hours of listening and practicing I never have felt better.  I drove home and awoke the next day with no soreness.  Absolutely wonderful.  Now I wish I had recorded every word and demonstrations she showed all of us.

Monday morning i awoke and drove to Shanti Yoga and Counseling to do led class in Ashtange, fortunate to have two new students and 3 that have attended many times prior.  We worked on some of the basic principles learned from Keno Macgregor.

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