Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yoga calls me early today

I awakened early going outside for the morning paper and the grass was frosted white everywhere and it was cold with sun shining.  I drank a smoothie and drove to the yoga studio for a class,  Slow Flow Vinyasa.  I enjoyed not teaching today being off for the Holidays although I taught yesterday at a studio.

The door was opened by someone, not teaching, but had a key.  We waited inside and the teacher showed up and we spent a lot of time standing at front of mat doing breathing exercises then went into the Slow Flow routine.

Afterward I took my time and finally went outside and drove home and preparing a lunch sandwich using left over cornbread, veggies, and turkey pieces.  Now I am looking forward to the Ashtanga class tomorrow morning and evening wondering how many will show up during the Holidays.

We did twists rather than inversions at the class, but I longed for an inversion.  Isn't this picture nice?

PM practice on holiday was at a yoga studio Ashtanga Yoga Short forms with some full vinyasas, making it to Bhujapidasana (class did Bakasana), shoulder stand as the finishing pose and corpse pose.  Interesting class and delivery by the instructor.

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