Saturday, December 18, 2010

Attended Yoga class

For unexplained reason, I went to friend's class in yoga.  It was a slowed down version of yoga with relaxation and combined with very basic poses, not many just staying in the pose for a long time, with instructor talking the whole time and music in the background.  Certainly was a change for me, and at the time I enjoyed, but do not intend to make this a regular practice.  Occasional is enough for me.  And the next day I was sore.  yes staying in poses for several minutes does cause soreness.  I felt relaxed during the practice, but not really relaxed.  I had not warmed up or even done a single sun salutation.  but I had done fish pose for at 5 minutes and the cat dog, and lots of child poses, apasana, and standing sun salutes, sitting sun salutes, and forward fold standing and a sitting forward fold and dandasana pose,

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