Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yoga Experience

Yoga Experience

In 1997 I enrolled in continuing education yoga class at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and began the practice.  When the 2nd semester started I enrolled again with Harriett Joachim.  After that semester there was a drop in students and the class was not offered again.  I continued practicing at home and later enrolled with Cheryl Catranbone at Golden Om.  I decided to take yoga classes during the day after leaving my regular job.  A few years passed and I decided to drop Golden Om when they relocated to an old house with wooden floors.  Later she sold out to Eileen and it became Driftwood and moved to new location.  I went to several types of classes and started the Ashtanga Primary Series class with Laura in the beginning and later Jen Owens.  Just before the Hurricane Katrina I lost interest in the studio practice, but continued home practice and began attending workshops by David Swenson, David Williams and Danny Paradise.  Eileen sold out to Moira Anderson and the name changed to River Rock.  I decided that I needed a teacher training course and enrolled with Debi Lewis of Jackson, MS.  I attended classes religiously in Madison and had a good time each weekend.  The last weekend I was severely ill with the flu and could not attend the final weekend, plus I had not done the 10 hours practicum teaching.  I did make up the missed weekend and took the final exam passing it with a good grade.  However I did not get a certificate lacking the hours teaching on my own.  She said I could teach at River Rock checking with Moira Anderson or teach private lessons and make video and send it to her for review.  I thought about this and even bought a DVD camera, but had problems making the video.  I could teach and lead a class, but operating the video was difficult.

I decided that I should go to Sivananda Yoga Ranch and take the teacher training course there where they worked in the teaching practicum with the one month course.  I really enjoyed this, meeting many people from all over the world and graduated with compliments by the Director and also the Swami saying that I did really well putting in the hard work required. Cita, the director said I looked like I was a professional when leading the class when I volunteered to lead the entire group during the first hatha yoga class teaching during the afternoon class.  This really boosted my confidence and I stayed there the entire month absorbing as much as I could, especially working with headstand getting additional instruction from the volunteer assistants during free time.

I came home and a month later asked Debi If she would present certificate from Joyflow for I had completed the practicum at Sivananda Yoga Ranch and they presented me a certificate saying I met all the requirements for being a Hatha Yoga teacher.  She agreed and came to River Rock one weekend doing a workshop and presented the Joyflow certificate during her workshop in an official ceremony.

I have been teaching ever since at home, for private clients in their homes, at Moss Point Community Center as a volunteer yoga teacher and at Shanti Yoga and Counseling studio.

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