Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yoga Class this AM and RYT Yoga Alliance

Moss Point Community Center Ashtanga Yoga for Life Class this morning was most interesting.  One student came last week with a cast on her arm, so we did Gentle Yoga Class, which was a change from the Ashtanga Short Forms.
She mentioned that we should do the regular class of Ashtanga and she would do what she could modifying as necessary going into child's pose and still focusing on the breath, bandhas, and drishti.  So we did it. After class she told us that she fell at home working in the yard standing on something and falling, maybe breaking her arm.  She goes to the doctor for another check up today and the doctor will decide if she needs surgery.

Today is special day in my yoga life.  Yoga Alliance received correspondence of my certificates, progressive teacher trainings, teaching experience, and workshops attended   Now I am recognized by Yoga Alliance as RYT 500 level.  Thanks to all my teachers.

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