Friday, November 12, 2010

Primary Series Full Vinyasa Day w/David Swenson

Played David Swenson's Primary Series this morning making it all the way through.  Lots of sweat and added the extra push up in SS's.  It was challenging doing the Marichyasanas, still not binding fully but making the effort.  Actually did handstand from Boat, getting both feet up, but not staying long, which felt good almost going too far but correcting by extending legs up.  Chakrasana did not feel good, worrying about the neck; so did vinyasa instead.  I must focus on using the palms and arms to push up keeping neck off floor.

Today I also began a body toxin flush using Jay Robb's Whey protein every two hours for five times, drinking water after an hour after the whey protein.  Looking forward to the last meal tonight, which is 3-6 cups of vegetables with tbs of olive or flax seed oil on them.  then tomorrow it is fruit five times every two hours with last meal of 3-6 cups of vegetables with oil.  Again fruit again next day, same final meal, but adding whey protein afterwords.

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