Thursday, November 25, 2010

P90X One on One Yoga MC2

Finally completed all of the yoga MC2 from one on one with Tony Horton DVD.  This again from P90x is better version of Power Vinyasa Yoga mentioning the breath.  Much better and a few more asanas from yoga X.  A slow version of Power Vinyasa Yoga with not much vinyasa.  There were a series of standard Power Yoga poses, but it did not weave body movement with the breath, and no mention of engaging the pelvic floor muscles or focus.  But it was much better, similar to Power Yoga class at studio, but moved much slower than a studio Power Yoga Vinyasa class.  I liked it, but had to look at DVD playing for Tony did not always mention going into the next pose, just doing it.  The class lacked flow, not being a meditative flow.  More of a yoga class by a fitness trainer, more interested in muscling into poses, rather than calming the mind.  Tony was struggling with the breath, as if lifting weights.

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