Monday, November 8, 2010

Morning class at Shanti Yoga and Counseling

I arrived early to do personal practice, especially work more on binding asanas.

Before class the students mentioned losing weight, while I have only lost one pound.  One student has lost 12 pounds since starting Ashtanga yoga.  the class is losing more weight than teacher and all in today's class are more flexible than I am, which is good for only 3 months of new students attending AY for Life class.

Today's class managed to do all asanas of Primary Series up to  supta padangusthasana, then 3 bridges/wheel and 3 finishing poses and Sivasana.


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  2. Finally what counts is how focused we were, how much energy we could put into our practice. We all reach our limits, flexible students and not so flexible students. This is the common sense. This makes us the same, no matter how long we practice and how fast we progress.

    (PS: my first comment had spelling mistakes, so I had to delete it.)