Saturday, October 16, 2010

Workshops Can be helpful  

is worthwhile workshop.

Just returned from workshop here with Paul Dallaghan in New Orleans.  I chose Guided Full Primary Series class learning subtle pointers that are very helpful and plan on telling these for my classes next week. Paul emphasized relaxing the arms, how to jump thru using proper breathing technique, and how to land quietly.  Now I have another technique explaining how to develop and use leg strength not depending upon arm strength too much.  We practiced bending legs from dandasana to shins and then using feet and abs without touching palms to floor and rising up.  I also learned how to do revolved side angle getting the shoulder over the knee, which I could not do until today after his instructions.  He explained critical things in the Sun Salutations which if learned early make more advanced poses easier.  Now that I know these and practice them, then after 12 years, I should easily do within a few weeks of focused practice on the poses I am striving for improvement..  I have some pictures and videos of past to compare with new ones after today.

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