Thursday, October 21, 2010

To Teach Yoga or Not

My yoga students faithfully attending classes for a year at Moss Point Community Center on the Riverfront where I am a volunteer Yoga Teacher gave me this card and a candle recognizing the joy and peace we experienced for the Ashtanga Yoga for Life classes, which I learned from David Williams workshops and David Swenson’s Short forms Ashtanga from the Practice Manual.

The question comes to light:  It is not whether I should teach Ashtanga Yoga for Life, but how long should I continue to be a teacher of this spiritual meditative flow yoga class?  David Swenson is known for saying teach yoga as long as you have students.

Mysore leading teachers have expressed the viewpoint that one should not teach Ashtanga Yoga until meeting certain criteria that can only come from their studio for a select few who have paid the monthly fees for many years, which are too expensive for myself and I just do not have the time traveling so far away from home, where there are a few certified Ashtanga teachers doing workshops or authorized teachers within a couple of hours drive from home here in the deep South of the US that have an Ashtanga Yoga studio..

The yoga alliance as well as Sivananda Bahamas and Joyflow yoga have issued me certificates to teach yoga.  See below:

There are many viewpoints on this subject and your opinion is appreciated whether positive yes or no.
 I have 13 years practicing yoga and over two teaching the Real Ashtanga Yoga as learned from David Williams and David Swenson .  I have the DVDs from S. J. and have chosen to have an injury free yoga practice as learned from the real yogis from North Carolina and Texas.

Om Shanti

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