Thursday, October 21, 2010

This morning's class had a visitor from near Austin Texas.  He was visiting relatives and mentioned he had never attended a led yoga class..  So we started off class with more verbal instructions than usual and I noticed he was flowing with grace and after saying either jump back or step back for the 2nd SS, he did not hesitate and floated back.  Then we went into minimum instruction just counting each vinyasa position and saying exhale or inhale.  We did 5 SS-A, 3 SS-B, the entire standing series , about one-third of the Primary Series, and two of the finishing poses followed by 7 minutes of corpse pose only having 60 minutes for the class and warm up exercises for the spine.  The new student from Texas nailed every pose , even Bakasana, did the float backs and jump thrus having an excellent flowing meditation.

After class the Texan stayed and talked about his meditation practice and how our yoga practice reminded him of his meditation and that he went to a gym in Texas to workout  each morning at 4:00 AM.  After a couple of hours working out, the gym has a yoga class and having done the class with us, he was ready to attend a yoga class at the gym in Texas.

I thought to myself, this man did really well for someone not having attended a yoga class; but he was extremely flexible and had the arm strength and balance easily doing crow with knees almost in the armpits.  While looking at him in a very advanced version of crow, I thought to myself this guy looks like David Swenson in the way he does the yoga practice.  He was very laid back, focused, flexible and having strength and balance.

The regular students gave me a gift and card for being a dedicated yoga teacher, which made my Day! making all the effort and time so worthwhile.

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