Monday, October 18, 2010

Shanti Yoga poses class worked on this morning

Shanti Yoga and Counseling Monday Morning Ashtanga Yoga for Life poses we worked on today:

 Prayer Twist
from here relax shoulders, open heart and lower shoulder to outside of left knee.   This is optional version with right knee to floor.
Warrior I
Remember to relax arms when raising up to touch index finger knucle mound and then touch palms together.

Only had 10 seconds after releasing shoot button to get into pose, so each picture not showing final version of the pose.  Today Six students were in the class and over half had no problems with Headstand.  Of course we do not use the wall.  Students are doing really well considering the studio has only been open a few months.  Normally we skip headstand with "Ashtanga Yoga for Life" but these students attended advanced class last Saturday when I substituted and we worked on several variations of headstand.

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