Saturday, September 25, 2010

attended Power Vinyasa Flow class

Interesting not being the teacher and being able to focus on practice while sharing prana with a half dozen yogis in a warm room with cork floors.  This as well as home practice affords many opportunities for proper breathing, engaging the Mula Bandha and focus.   I used the Ashtanga method of breathing holding the stomach still, only holding stomach in slightly throughout the practice.  As a teacher I noted how the  teacher taught and what she said and couldn't help but visualize how I would instruct and what I would say.  The teacher is from a different style, but I have attended the source for classes and respect the method.  she uses more description phases citing general things, not talking thru the asanas as much as I would telling the sequence of breaths with the pose getting into and out of, but giving specific directions when seeing someone going in another direction.

During some of the pilates type sequences, I did a few yoga poses from same position hoping no one would notice, but the teacher did; and I went quickly into what she was doing after feeling embarrassed for doing such a thing.  But I knew we would not be doing this pose and while in the position I did it for a few moments and slipped back into what the class was doing.  Maybe I am too accustomed to Mysore style.

Speaking of Mysore, I miss this; and look forward to being adjusted by an authorized teacher by K.P. Jois, maybe in a couple of weeks.  such a long drive to Balance Yoga and Wellness.

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