Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Yoga

Lead Ashtanga Yoga for Life class this morning.
then went to Beach Blvd and manged to take picture:

Prasarita Padottanasana B

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

catch up

Sunday: Rest day
Monday:  lead Ashtanga Yoga for Life class
Tuesday:  Morning lead class AY for Life
Evening class now has more students than morning.  New student signed up having yoga experience.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

attended Power Vinyasa Flow class

Interesting not being the teacher and being able to focus on practice while sharing prana with a half dozen yogis in a warm room with cork floors.  This as well as home practice affords many opportunities for proper breathing, engaging the Mula Bandha and focus.   I used the Ashtanga method of breathing holding the stomach still, only holding stomach in slightly throughout the practice.  As a teacher I noted how the  teacher taught and what she said and couldn't help but visualize how I would instruct and what I would say.  The teacher is from a different style, but I have attended the source for classes and respect the method.  she uses more description phases citing general things, not talking thru the asanas as much as I would telling the sequence of breaths with the pose getting into and out of, but giving specific directions when seeing someone going in another direction.

During some of the pilates type sequences, I did a few yoga poses from same position hoping no one would notice, but the teacher did; and I went quickly into what she was doing after feeling embarrassed for doing such a thing.  But I knew we would not be doing this pose and while in the position I did it for a few moments and slipped back into what the class was doing.  Maybe I am too accustomed to Mysore style.

Speaking of Mysore, I miss this; and look forward to being adjusted by an authorized teacher by K.P. Jois, maybe in a couple of weeks.  such a long drive to Balance Yoga and Wellness.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Prasarita Padottanasana A

Wide Legged Forward Fold


Thursday night lead class Ashtanga Yoga for Life was a very relaxing class, taking it easy on a Moon lite evening.
Wenesday morning I went to Aerobics/Pilates class for an hour at Moss Point Community Center using 5 lb dumb bells.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday Yoga Lead Class

Full Moon, no Ashtanga today.

Morning Class did Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga, which was a change, but a cleansing practice with lots of sweat to clean the body of toxins.

Final Relaxation so calming that we went over 10 minutes.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More yoga teaching

Tuesday class led Ashtanga Yoga for Life at MPCC.  Morning class vigorous, evening class more relaxing.

Spent time during the day moving the yard and removing branches from yard, general clean up of patio and back screened in area.

Wednesday morning at Shanti Y&C was interesting with more new students that jog early in the morning and join yoga class for muscle relief and stretching.

Monday, September 20, 2010

taught Ashtanga Yoga for Life

led class at Shanti Yoga and Counseling this morning, unusually humid, more sweating than usual, class size steadily increases.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yoga this weekend

Saturday Rest Day.
Sunday:  Power Walking from Kath Smith Project You type 2 Diabetes .

From Kathy Smith’s Project You Type 2 diabetes workouts on DVD and CD and modified by myself for led class:
Stretch Yoga  (30-45 minutes)
Opening Prayer
Spinal Warm ups from Ashtanga Yogi and stomach exercises then:
  1. Cat – Cow weaving breath with movement.

  1. Downward Dog

  1. Lift right leg from DW dog to low Lunge or High Lunge, Warrior 1 on right side, hamstring stretch right side, lunge, to Plank, lower to floor Chattaranga, low cobra, high cobra or upward facing dog, back to Cat-Cow weaving breath into movement, Downward Dog, lift left leg to rear and up, lunges on left side, Warrior 1, Hamstring Stretch, Cobra or upward facing dog.

  1. Child’s Pose

  1. Squat onto toes for toe stretch.

  1. Standing forward folds

  1. up to Standing Side stretch grabbing wrist each side

  1. Warrior II each side

  1. Wide Leg forward fold palms to floor or finger tips.

  1. Triangle (L&R)

  1. Wide leg forward fold, hands on hips.

  1. Triangles (L&R)

  1. Wide Legged Forward Fold, interlaced fingers.

  1. Parshvottanasana  (Intense Side Stretch Posture)

  1. Janu Sirsasana (Face to Knee each side)

  1. Seated Half Spinal Twist (each side) with one leg extended

  1. Cobbler’s Pose A & B.  If time allows, Sun Salutations A and B.

Savasana, then closing prayer.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Well today was One on One with ASH doing shoulders and arms MC2. Muscle Confusion using lighter weights than Tony Horton.  I used the 5 lb dumbells for definition of shoulders and 15 and 20 lb dumb bells for others.  I did not have 85 pound dumb bell with shoulders on balance ball using one dumbbell for lifting up from behind to above head and then lowering behind head almost to floor.  for this i used the 20 lb weight, probably a good idea, first time doing this on balance ball avoiding dropping on head.   The shoulders feel more relaxed now not tight or sore.

One of my goals is Slim my thighs.  Any suggestions?  I found the following from someone's blog:

"When you want to lose weight in your thighs, you will want to do a combination of running, jogging, sprinting, jump roping and jumping jacks to help challenge the core muscle groups in the upper thigh area.  When these are combined with a weight training regiment, it is possible to lose a significant amount of fat in a short period of time. 
Sample exercises that can be incorporated into an interval training regimen include cycles of:
  • Alternating running at a fast pace with jogging at a medium pace for 1 minute each
  • Sprinting for 30 seconds then running for 1 minute
  • Fast-paced walking for 1 minute followed by sprinting for 30 seconds
  • Jogging at a medium pace for 1 minute then sprinting for 30 seconds
Other cardiovascular exercises that can help you lose weight from the thighs include:
  • Short bursts of high-resistance elliptical training
  • Interval training on a stationary bike (spinning)
  • Jump roping for 1-2 minute sessions, alternated with jogging in place
  • Swimming
  • Fast-paced walking (speed walking) for 20 minute intervals, 2 x per day
  • Trampoline jumping" 

""from unknown source...

well I can do jogging, sprinting, swimming, walking, jump roping and spinning at home.  swimming requires a trip to the Beach....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mysore Class today

"Practice and all is coming" - Sri K. Pattabhi Jois

Primary Series Asana List

Sun Salutations and Standing Poses:
  1. Samasthiti
  2. Surya Namaskara A , 5X (Sun Salutation A)  nine counts
  3. Surya Namaskara B , 5X (Sun Salutation B)  seventeen counts
  4. Padangushtasana  (Foot Big Toe Posture)
  5. Padahastasana  (Foot to Hand Posture)
  6. Utthita Trikonasana  (Extended Triangle Posture)
  7. Parivritta Trikonasana  (Revolved Triangle Posture)
  8. Utthita Parshvakonasana  (Extended Side Angle)
  9. Parivritta Parshvakonasana  (Revolved Side Angle Posture)
  10. Prasarita Padottanasana A  (Feet Spread Intense Stretch Posture)
  11. Prasarita Padottanasana B  (Feet Spread Intense Stretch Posture)
  12. Prasarita Padottanasana C  (Feet Spread Intense Stretch Posture)
  13. Prasarita Padottanasana D  (Feet Spread Intense Stretch Posture)
  14. Parshvottanasana  (Intense Side Stretch Posture)
  15. Utthita Hasta Padangushtasana  A, B, C, D  (Extended Hand Big Toe Posture)
  16. Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana  (Half Bound Lotus Intense Stretch Posture)
  17. Utkatanasana  (Fierce Posture) 
  18. Virabhadrasana A & B  (Warrior)
Primary Series:
  1. Dandasana  (Staff Pose)
  2. Paschimattanasana A, B, C  (Western Intense Stretch Posture)
  3. Purvatanasana  (Eastern Intense Stretch Posture)
  4. Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimattanasana  (Half Bound Lotus Western Intense Stretch Posture)
  5. Tiriangmukhaikapada Paschimattanasana  (Three limbs Face one foot western intense stretch Posture)
  6. Janu Shirshasana A  (Head to Knee Posture)
  7. Janu Shirshasana B
  8. Janu Shirshasana C
  9. Marichyasana A  (dedicated to Marichi)
  10. Marichyasana B
  11. Marichyasana C
  12. Marichyasana D
  13. Navasana  (Boat)
  14. Bhujapidasana  (Arm pressure Posture)
  15. Kurmasana  (Tortoise Posture)
  16. Supta Kurmasana  (Sleeping Tortoise Posture)
  17. Garbha Pindasana  (Womb Embryo Posture)
  18. Kukkutasana  (Cock Posture)
  19. Baddha Konasana  (Bound Angle Posture)
  20. Upavishta Konasana  (Seated Angle Posture)
  21. Supta Konasana  (Sleeping Angle Posture)
  22. Supta Padangushtasana  A, B, C  (Sleeping Big Toe Posture)
  23. Ubhaya Padangushtasana  (Both Feet Big Toe Posture)
  24. Urdhva Mukha Paschimattanasana  (Upward Facing Western Intense Stretch Posture)
  25. Setu Bandhasana  (Bridge Posture)
The Finishing Sequence:
      1.  Urdhva Dhanurasana  (Upward Bow Posture)
2.  Paschimattanasana A  (Western Intense Stretch Posture)
3.  Sarvangasana  (Shoulder Stand)
  1. Halasana  (Plow)
  2. Karnapidasana  (Ears Pressure Pose)
  3. Urdhva Padmasana  (Upward Lotus Pose)
  4. Pindasana  (Embryo Posture)
  5. Matsyasana  (Fish)
  6. Uttana Padasana (extended Leg Posture)
  7. Shirshasana A (Headstand)
  8. Shirshasana B (Headstanding Posture)
  9. Baddha Padmasana  (Bound Lotus Posture)
  10. Padmasana  (Lotus Posture)
  11. Uth Pluthi  (Scale Posture)

Shavasana  (Corpse Posture)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New class schedule

Shanti Yoga and Counseling  Monday 9:30 AM to 10:45;  Wednesday 9:30 AM to 10:45 are Ashtanga Yoga for Life classes.

Moss Point Community Center on riverfront  Tuesday/Thursday 8-9:00 AM; 6-7 PM
Ashtanga Yoga for Life classes.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Side Angle Pose

Utthita Parsvakonasana
This morning was aerobics class at MPCC as student.  Loved doing this with such an energetic group.

Then later at home did these poses and more.  In these poses I was not able to lower hip more and widen stance within 10 seconds.  Later I will take picture of same pose showing improvements.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Utthita Trikonasana

Yesterday I managed to bind in Marichyasana A touching fingers and gripping them.  
 Today's picture pose moving into 3rd Pose The Standing Sequence:  Trikonasana

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Taught morning class at Moss Point Community Center.  Then came home and did Padahastasana while still relaxed from teaching.

Saturday, September 4, 2010