Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Oops! I did Back and Biceps, then the core exercises recommended with the medicine balls I bought recently. It is a tough core workout with 8 and 10 lb medicine balls. I believe with the additional Ashtanga yoga classes I am leading now, I get more than enough abdominal workouts with the inversions, arm balances, lifting buttocks and legs off the floor, jump thrus and and float backs.

There is fitness test for P90x.

You will need heart rate monitor, body fat caliper, tape measure, scale, pull up bar, timer, towel, water, and your bring it face.

A friend to record or do it yourself.

Record Resting Heart Rate
do a few warm up routines.
Pull Ups, minimum 3 for male, none for female. (do not need good form)
rest one minute
Vertical Leap, minimum 5" male, 3" female.
rest 4 minutes
push ups, 15 M, 3 F or 15 using knees.
rest 4
toe touch, record distance in inches of fingers to toes -" if not reaching toes. + " if reaching past toes. - 6 " both M and F.
Wall Squat, minimum 1 minute both M and F.
Rest 4
Bicep Curls, Min for Male 10 curls with 20#, Female 10 curls with 8 lbs.
Rest 3 minutes
In and Outs, 25 minimum for both M and F.
Rest 4
Heart Rate Maximizer
jumping jacks for 2 minutes very fast, record heart rate.
after one minute rest record heart rate.
after two minutes rest record heart rate.
after three minutes rest record heart rate.
after four minutes rest record heart rate.

Then 2 minutes of jumping jacks and the 30 second sprint. If you can do this then you are ready for P90x.
If you can not do this, then do Power 90. Take test again after completing P90 and you should easily pass and proceed with P90x current version. A new version is coming out in 2011 and it should be for those having completed P90x.

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