Friday, August 27, 2010

catch up time

Wednesday taught yoga at Shanti Y&C using Sivananda Basic class for beginners.
Thursday was a great experience again at Moss Point Community Center. Now I have more students at night, due to morning class having several go on a short vacation after a long summer.

Friday morning was nice doing the home practice with David Swenson's 30 minute short forms Ashtanga Yoga. Now I really feeling good and can face the day.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday Yoga experiences

I went to intermediate/advanced vinyasa yoga class, sweated a lot not too familiar with the rountine. Even warm ups were challenging. Later I wished I had done some Sun Salutations to warm up for these warm ups.

After wards, I managed to lead Ashtanga Yoga for Life class having a short break between classes, changing out of my wet sweaty shirt.

Tuesday morning my hamstrings are tighter than usual. But at class today they will relax doing SS's. Today is full moon day, so it is a more relaxing class from Sivananda.

One on One-Sunday afternoon

Ab Ripper 2 for 45 minutes, managed to keep up with Tony until he broke into a race doing bicycle crunches fast speed.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saturday teaching at Shanti Yoga and Counseling

What an experience leading class in Gentle/Restorative Yoga with the room packed full of new students! It was warm in the small antebellum type room with high ceilings and wooden floors, large glass windows and doors with some shading. I was substituting for the owner and normally do not do this type class, it was a change for me, like driving on the interstate and then exiting onto a crowded highway.

Sunday Morning in preparation for the Ashtanga Yoga for Life, I expect new students and reviewed David Swenson's practice manual with emphasis on the options for beginners.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Update all yoga

Wednesday rest day.
Thursday at MPCC class was gentle yoga using bolsters, music, candles and lots of relaxation. The new student from Tuesday did return and the room was filled with regulars, new ones and a few returnees. Night class competed with Cheer-leading practice at the Community Center.
One student signed in, but left after finding out our class location was moved to a smaller room with Cheerleaders practicing out in the hallways.
Friday morning, I substituted as teacher for the Yoga for all bodies class doing Sivananda Version of this giving the students a new experience at Shanti Yoga and Counseling Center in Gulfport.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Yoga Classes

The morning group of regulars have a new person who had never done yoga before. She learned fast. Hopefully she will return.

The evening class is changing into beginner's class with all the Ashtanga Yoga for Life class in the morning.

For the Community Center a beginning yoga class is needed, and to keep regulars that started as beginners now doing Ashtanga happy the morning class will remain Ashtanga Yoga for Life as learned from David Williams who learned from P. Jois.

Monday Shanti Counseling and Yoga

sunday turned into a rest day.
Monday at Shanti Yoga was interesting. class started late due to previous teacher going over about 15 minutes. Class was small but good with another teacher interested in Ashtanga. It was warm with the a/c running but not keeping up with the sun and heat pouring into the studio from the many large glass doors and windows, typical for a beautiful much older building.
It was first time teaching there and not many knew I was teaching. Hopefully number of students will increase. The quality was excellent for first class.

Friday, August 13, 2010

P90x One on One

Medicine Ball Cardio workout using a 5 pound weight. Sweated a lot , but just not get heart rate as high as Tony H. Mine ranged from 110-133.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday turned into a rest day.
Thursday morning was an inspiring Ashtanga Yoga for Life class doing almost all of Primary Series.
Thursday evening we did Ashtanga Short form with SS-A, SS-B, final poses which included headstand A and B and then sivasana.
headstand B is an inverted L and in our case used the wall resting toes on wall rail.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yoga classes

Thursday morning class went well Ashtanga Yoga for Life. After sivasana , the mind and body felt totally relaxed with muscles having slight burn from a vigorous practice.

Thursday evening class at class request changed to Sivananda style with pranayama, warms ups using SS and leg lifts, then the 12 basic poses including intermediate rest poses throughout and then final relaxation. The class was totally relaxed and did not want to leave, being totally relaxed.

Monday, August 9, 2010

90 minutes of Iyengar yoga....

Today practiced yoga for 90 minutes.

Yoga Information

I am a yogi, Certified as an Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist by Sivananda Bahamas and California College of Ayurveda, CYT, RYT 200 level of yoga alliance, Teacher Training Course TTC 2008 Sivananda Yoga Ranch located in Woodbourne, NY and TTC Joyflow Vinyasa multi-style yoga of Jackson MS, certified Red Cross first aid. Married since 1971, we have 4 grown kids, and 4 grand kids.

My passion is leading the class in Ashtanga Yoga for Life, as learned from David Williams, who learned from Patabhi Jois of Mysore India. This is ‘common sense’ yoga with emphasis on doing this wonderful style of yoga for a lifetime with out injury. Options are demonstrated for all levels. This class is a flowing meditation starting out with Sun Salutations A, Sun Salutations B, the fundamental standing poses, the Primary Series of Asanas, then the finishing poses followed by sivasana. Emphasis of the practice is building prana by connecting the breath with body movement. The class will be 1 hour and 15 minutes doing as many of the Primary Series poses as time allows keeping the sequence of Ashtanga Yoga with more poses added for variety and skill level progression.

I also teach as a volunteer yoga instructor at the local Community Center in Moss Point, MS. I am a native resident of Pascagoula and have been teaching for two years and practicing yoga since 1997.
My teaching is inspired by the many excellent yoga teachers that have shared their yoga experiences; however, I find that I learn much more from yoga students. I bow to you.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

One On One Core Ball Sandwich Strength workout

Aug 8, 2010 Core Ball Sandwich Strength workout
One On One P90X
Yesterday was light strength workout, so I did CBS today.
Used the chin up tower, yoga balance ball, and soccer ball.
Burned 301 calories, heart rate varied between 110 and 140.
I am learning how to use the balance ball doing push ups
and working with a new chin up tower, so the intensity was
not as high as should be for this workout.
Strength and Muscle drink afterwards

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Strength Workout with Chip Up Tower

Aug 7 2010 Exercise Log


chair assist one leg
REST 2 MINUTES between sets

REST 2 MINUTES between sets

REST 2 MINUTES between sets

V. 8 lb Medicine Ball work out per chart with ball
8 reps each
chop, lateral twist, rotation chop,
push press, warrior right and left side,
overhead sit up, around the world, scissors, toe reach

REST 1 MIN between sets


Friday, August 6, 2010

Thursday Yoga classes then Friday

Morning class Ashtanga Yoga for Life.
Evening class Sivananda Yoga.....

Friday I took break from exercise and put together recently purchased from Wal-Mart Power Station for Dips, Chin UPs, and push ups. It is a Gold Gym XR 10.9.

Put together time seemed excessive and after trying it out, I needed to tighten the bolts and nuts again.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Oops! I did Back and Biceps, then the core exercises recommended with the medicine balls I bought recently. It is a tough core workout with 8 and 10 lb medicine balls. I believe with the additional Ashtanga yoga classes I am leading now, I get more than enough abdominal workouts with the inversions, arm balances, lifting buttocks and legs off the floor, jump thrus and and float backs.

There is fitness test for P90x.

You will need heart rate monitor, body fat caliper, tape measure, scale, pull up bar, timer, towel, water, and your bring it face.

A friend to record or do it yourself.

Record Resting Heart Rate
do a few warm up routines.
Pull Ups, minimum 3 for male, none for female. (do not need good form)
rest one minute
Vertical Leap, minimum 5" male, 3" female.
rest 4 minutes
push ups, 15 M, 3 F or 15 using knees.
rest 4
toe touch, record distance in inches of fingers to toes -" if not reaching toes. + " if reaching past toes. - 6 " both M and F.
Wall Squat, minimum 1 minute both M and F.
Rest 4
Bicep Curls, Min for Male 10 curls with 20#, Female 10 curls with 8 lbs.
Rest 3 minutes
In and Outs, 25 minimum for both M and F.
Rest 4
Heart Rate Maximizer
jumping jacks for 2 minutes very fast, record heart rate.
after one minute rest record heart rate.
after two minutes rest record heart rate.
after three minutes rest record heart rate.
after four minutes rest record heart rate.

Then 2 minutes of jumping jacks and the 30 second sprint. If you can do this then you are ready for P90x.
If you can not do this, then do Power 90. Take test again after completing P90 and you should easily pass and proceed with P90x current version. A new version is coming out in 2011 and it should be for those having completed P90x.

Ashtanga Yoga Class

Tuesday morning class was much better being able to breath better with less of a cough. I managed to bind in Marichiasana A. Evening class now has regulars showing up. When no one shows up, I do the minimum Ashtanga and leave after 15 minutes. With regulars showing up again, it is a full hour.

Interview went well for E-Fitwell. Maybe I will hear from director soon and start teaching yoga there on Monday and Friday.

Later this morning it is P90x legs and chest, ARX.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Today I managed to do Chest Shoulders and Triceps while still recovering from the flu, for about two weeks. The triceps are worn out now, but I am much better. It was tough keeping up the breath while working out, with the cough and some congestion.

I drank Gatorade afterwards and now am enjoying the burn.