Friday, July 16, 2010


I gathered this information about Training from Steve Edwards blog and changed it somewhat for it applied to climbing:

According to Steve Edwards of BB (, training is “a systematic, disciplined approach to improve performance.” I hear a lot of gym rats say they are “training”, but if I probe them about the specifics, there aren’t any. They just “workout” or “lift weights” every other day, or when they have time. That is not training. Training is a pre-meditated routine that is planned intelligently with the hope of attaining some tangible goal. It should be designed deliberately to transform your body towards what ever end you have in mind, then it should draw from the body of knowledge available by using specific exercises to create the gains that are desired.

Why Train?
It seems every time someone asks a question about training, or attempts to have a meaningful discussion, it doesn’t take long for some moron to chime in with “I train my biceps by lifting a beer up to my fat face.” Insecure and below average climbers love to bash those of us with enough self respect to seek improvement. Someone once said: “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.” I believe this applies to climbing as well as it does anything else in life. I cannot understand the attitude of someone who would spend every weekend out on the rock, but not be at least mildly interested in getting better.

1. The only way to ensure steady, continued improvement is with training.
2. The second, and to me, most compelling reason to train is injury prevention.
3. a third reason to train is that it simply takes less time. Because of the systematic nature of training, it is the most efficient way to completely and thoroughly workout.

Today's workout training program was P90x Core Synergistics recovery week phase 1. Goal is to build strength and lose body fat from the omentum (belly area).

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