Monday, February 17, 2020

Barbell Training

Squat build up to

Bench Press
Build up to

Dead Lift
build to 1x5x145#

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Garage Ashtanga Yoga Garage

Thursday morning, SS A, B; poses left out from yesterday, work with yoga blocks and final poses.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Ashtanga yoga daily practice

Dropped  CrossFit, all gym membership and now it is yoga practice daily in garage and one weekend per month at Ashtanga Yoga Room studio.

Balance asanas are good for seniors. Challenging day. Asanas skipped over were seated forward fold after bridge/back bends and Uktasana standing pose and  Trianga Mukhaikapada Paschimottanasana from primary.

So thankful at age 70 I have my home yoga practice, which over 20 years has kept me healthy, mindful, balanced and strong.  Must work on memory of Primary sequence.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Returning to Ashtanga Yoga

Yes, I am returning to Ashtanga Yoga practice after leaving for Weight Strength Training with Barbell and Crossfit practice.  After 1-1/2 weeks of yoga, my body is healing and my knee does not bother me as much, and gradually losing some body weight.  I hope to lose the weight lifter body appearance and trim gradually into a yoga physique.  For health lose a few pounds and learn to relax better, meditate regularly and become a more positive person.

I am participating in Ashtanga Yoga Immersion meeting a weekend per month September through February.  Location is  New Orleans.  There are 10 in class including the teacher who is certified.   The practice speaks for itself.  My practice is improving and M.  the teacher instructed me to daily practice half primary up to Navasana, then backbends forward fold and all of the finishing poses.  She encouraged me to use padded headstand prop for headstand A and B.  I have history of neck injuries from automobile wrecks that my Chiropractor advised no more headstands. There are some shoulder issues to resolve, not to mention getting the Primary Series in proper sequence and rhythm flow.  Others in class are doing similar, less than me, some more; maybe a few the whole primary.  I do not know for sure for I focus on my Mysore Practice when there. 

The circle for discussion and learning is interesting and becomes more personal each experience.  We are encouraged not to talk about what is said there.  The room is on second floor and practice is with the a/c off, sometimes ceiling fans running.  The outside temperature in NOLA was in the upper 90s and the room in lower 80s.  

Overall my opinion after first weekend is that I will learn more and be able to get more out of each home practice.  The group dynamics is an experience in itself.  I am relearning the series and have problems with leaving out a pose or two even at home.  After daily practice for a week, I am getting the poses in order and noticing my SS's need work.  Balance is improving, flexibility was not so good at first, but now getting better.  I do not practice at home in a/c, but go to garage or outside concrete driveway.  I sweat more than I used to, but starting to feel much better.  Body and knees are not so sore and knees not bothering me as much.  Definitely this practice is healing.