Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter is rest day

Today is rest day, but will walk the dog this afternoon.  Weather is nice a little cool early this AM.

After Easter I plan on resuming my yoga teaching at the Community Center.  I purchased a new mat with mat towel that has grips on bottom.  Manduka is the brand.  Mat is same thick black one that I love.

There was a small group that missed the practice and they say on Facebook that they look forward to yoga and need it much.

I am hoping attendance is more regular that previously.

I am introducing a prep program with joint freeing exercises prior to the asanas.  Community yoga has many that are just not willing to do the more intense Ashtanga.

As students improve, I will introduce the SS-A and B then the standing poses; this plan will be modified to suit level of class.

It will be fun and healthy exercise, too.

Although many say that Ashtanga yoga is all one needs, I have found that adding resistance training using bar bell weights is a welcome addition for full body healthy.  The two are good together.

Again have a Happy Easter for those that read this blog.

I do not have many followers, but writing about my life is healthy too.


Monday, July 7, 2014

Ashtanga practice

SS-A 5X,  SS-B 3X, standing poses, forward fold, bridge, Finishing poses, rest.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Singing River Crossfit

Warm up # 1 and 2
Dead lift @ 75#
Run 200 meters
Box jumps 30 in
Run 200 meters

21-15-9-5 reps for time

12 min 40 sec.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Armstrong Pull Up Program

Morning push up ritual.
Pyramid pull ups indoors, after two reps had to use band assist reaching 6 reps until failure then drop back to 4, then 4 again reaching failure (not good form) each time.
barbell OYL:
3x5 clean @ 45
3x3 clean @ 65
3x3 clean & jerk @ 65

3x5 @ 25
drop sets
3x8 @ 15

Monday, January 27, 2014

Armstrong pull-up program

Day one week two.  For more reps I used assist.  Early morning routine push ups.

Over the weekend weight dropped to 174.  I did not do crossfit at box today, but worked with bar doing press 3 sets @ 45#.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

More crossfit

I am signed up for 2014 games 60+ age group.  First WOD February. 27 th.  And will be completed at local affiliate.  Thursday my order from Rogue arrived consisting of 160 lb. bumper set, economy bar, speed rope and box.

  Friday worked out at home, push ups, pull ups, heavier than past dead lifts, speed rope, failed box jumps,  changed to single leg jumps, dumb bell  chest presses.

Singing River Crossfit now allows open gym, maybe on Wed.  This day is regular recovery WOD class for me.  SRC Also will offer strength block workouts 3X per week for experienced and approved Crossfit competitors.

My weight today was 175 upon awakening which is OK for 5'11", but. I do need less body fat.  I have recently increased protein and fat intake, but struggling with carbohydrate reduction, too many breads and sugar for reducing body fat.  Let's see how meal plan goes.

WOD at home.  3 sets push ups totaling 55.  Three hour break. 5 sets max pull ups.  Total < 30.
Warm legs hips, back.  Burgener warm up with 20 lb. bar.  100 jump rope singles, failed DU.  3 sets clean @ 45 lb. 5 rep.  2 sets clean at 65 #. 5 rep.   3 sets of 8 reps at 40 with dumbbells on bench.  Drop to 30. Back to 40 then drop to 30.  Another 100 singles JR.  Cool down then stretching.